Făgăraş Mountains, Romania, October 2004

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The owner and donkey from Cabană Bârcaciu, where we stayed last night
Tim outside Cabană Bârcaciu
Tim and I outside Cabană Bârcaciu
Morning view after our first night's camping
The refuge where we didn't stay last night
Tim in front of Scara (2306), our first summit of the trip
Mountains to the west
To Negoiu and beyond
View towards Negoiu
View back over our morning's route
“Tim, are you <i>sure</i> this is the way?”
Tim, at a temporary break from the scambling
Yet another ‘interesting’ bit of scrambling
The ridge we just traversed
A bird, accidentally caught in flight
This way to Negoiu
Tim at the summit of Negoiu (2535), Romania's second highest mountain
The summit of Negoiu
Mountains to the east
The only square of flat-ish ground in the area...
...not a spot for sleepwalkers
Lespezi (2517)
The path followed a natural cleft in the rock
Decending in snow from Strunga Doamnei
The route ahead
Interesting ice formations
Lake Călţun, first liquid water for 24 hours
Lake Călţun
Dramatic mountain scenery
View back along the ridge to Lake Călţun
Lake Bâlea, and the trans-Făgăraş highway
A true knife-edge ridge
View east from Cabană Podragu
Cabană Podragu, site of first human contact in four days
Leaving Cabană Podragu
Tim, back on the main ridge after snow
Mircii (2461) and Arpaşu Mare (2468)
Podragu (2462)
Mircii, Arpaşu Mare and Podragu
Viştea Mare (2527) and Moldoveanu (2544)
Tim at the summit of Viştea Mare
The route from Viştea Mare to Moldoveanu
View back west
Tim, returning to Viştea Mare after our failed attempt on Moldoveanu
Rivers of scree
Waterfall in the forest
Forest track
The cathedral in Braşov
The cathedral in Braşov
Braşov town hall and square
Braşov town hall and square
Braşov town hall and square
Cows by the road