Finland and Estonia, April 2003

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The Lutheran cathedral in Helsinki
Espoo across the frozen sea
Ewan, Pihla and Heini in a cafe in Helsinki
Ewan playing the piano in the cafe
Ewan on the ferry to Tallinn
The frozen Baltic sea
Church of St Nicholas, Tallinn
Defence tower in Tallinn
Alexander Nevski's Cathedral, Tallinn
View over old Tallinn to the Church of St Olaus
Tallinn rooftops, old and new
Another view of the Church of St Nicholas
Heini and Pihla's house in Röylä
Ewan and Pihla by the frozen lake near the house
Pihla and me on the swings
Ewan and Pihla in Röylä
Ewan, Pihla and some horses in Röylä
Pihla, Ewan and Heini on a forest path
Ewan at the Helsinki bus and train station